Yellow Rock, Utah: Sunset in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Sunset atop Yellow Rock, Utah, Southwest USA
Yellow Rock within Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is one of many fabulous natural beauties!
Yellow Rock, Utah remains one of the most unique and beautiful locations I've ever visited.  I've traveled in pursuit of great photo locations for 12 years now and Yellow Rock remains one of the most photogenic in memory.  I visited this remote location once, in 2008 (before blogging, so I thought it deserved a blog post now).  After 9 years, this photo remains one of my favorite.  I'd ascended the monolith, huffing and puffing, until I reached the top.  I searched around, looking for good photo subjects.  I discovered this wavy line of white and deep purple etched on the yellow sandstone.  Just about this time, sunset happened and the last sun rays shone on the distant cliffs and clouds.

Processing note:  This photo was before HDR and multiple exposure blending.  I shot with a Lee graduated neutral density filter to balance out the exposure.  Later I developed this in photoshop with small adjustment using the screen and multiply layers.

This year I will return and hope to photograph a scene equal to or better than this old gem from a great hike.