Beachy Head Photography Guide: White Cliffs and Surroundings

Red and White Lighthouse in United Kingdom
Beachy Head Lighthouse, as seen from the cliffs high above
Beachy head is extremely photogenic.  Some pictures of those massive white cliffs are instantly recognizable as England.  They are featured in several movies.  Though the "white cliffs of Dover" are what we learn in school, Beachy Head is what we see in the pictures.  Dover is a bit further east but not as spectacular.

What is there to photograph here?
1.  The White Cliffs of Beachy Head can be shot in isolation or with some of the sea birds to give sense of scale.
2.  Coast Guard Cottages -- these are further west and require a circuitous drive but the view with the white cliffs in the background is unparalleled!
dawn at the coast guard cottages with white chalk cliffs
Coast Guard Cottages and the White Cliffs at
Beachy Head, United Kingdom
3.  Birling Gap -- This looks west towards those Coast Guard Cottages and shows the "Seven Sisters".
View of Birling Gap and Seven Sisters
View towards Birling Gap (lighthouse in distance) with
Seven Sisters -- the chalk cliff peaks
4.  Beachy Head -- the cliffs directly above the lighthouse are spectacular, scary and straight down!  Don't get too close to the edge.  It doesn't look very stable to me.
Beachy Head Chalk Cliffs and Green Grass
Chalk Cliffs at Beachy Head.  The lighthouse stands in the
sea at high tide.  At low tide the land stretches out to it.  
5.  The Beachy Head Lighthouse.  I captured this in many shots but found the isolated shot with the house surrounded by the angry ocean to be my favorite.

And nearby:
1.  The Long Man of Wilmington
Long Man of Wilmington Chalk Drawing Hill
Long Man of Wilmington, near Beachy Head, UK
2.  Lovely photogenic village of Alfriston.  This little town stole my heart.  It's picture perfect and has most-welcoming residents.  Do stop by and visit their lovely church.
Church and Cemetery with flowers in Alfriston, UK
Alfriston Church and Graves with beautiful flowers