Winnat's Pass in the Peaks District

Road through green canyon of Winnats Pass, united kingdom.
Road through Winnats Pass
I saw some spectacular photos of Winnats pass when researching the Peaks District.  They impressed me so much I decided to go here for my sunrise.  I started off hiking along the southern edge which became higher and higher.  Deep grass was easily negotiated because there are some footpaths running here and there.  I hiked out to those prominent rocks in the upper picture and shot a mostly-cloudy sunrise.  My result is the photo below.
peaks district photography winnats pass
Winnats Pass at Sunrise
The small town in the distant haze is Castleton, UK.  I went there for sunrise and found some clouds, a little bit of light peeking through and some colors in the sky.  Looking down, I found much more to be excited about: green like I never see covering all the hills, crags and slopes.  From high up on the canyon precipice I watched the light slowly come into the world.  The vibrant green color and steep canyons here reminded me of Hawaii.

After hiking back down, I started driving through the pass but had to pull over and photograph this awesome view of the road.  This lovely but twisted road goes down through the pass and into quaint lovely villages.