Duddo Stone Circle

Duddo stone circle in a field
Walking to Duddo Stone circle through a vast wind-swept field!
Imagine a stone circle in England that stands on a mound with fields in every direction:  nothing to block the view from this ancient stone circle.  The Duddo Stones form a 5-stone circle that can be walked to over a flat farmer's field.  Near Duddo, UK, this circle is a bit off the beaten path in Northumberland.  A few small signs will point you in the right direction.  A right-of-way path goes through some fields.  After about 1/2 a mile of walking, you'll see this view of the stones with a direct path to them.

The stones are rough with deep creases and irregular shapes.  Some distant fields are yellow with rapeseed.
5 stone circle in Northumberland
All 5 Duddo stones
Duddo stone circle irregular stones
Duddo Stones with deep gouges and lines.
duddo stone circle landscape photography artistic
Duddo Stones in a big universe
And to get the spooky and eerie feeling, I processed this shot in black and white.
duddo stone circle is spooky and cool
Black and White:  Duddo Stone Circle