Salton Sea Ruins at Sunset

Salton Sea tower ruins with rocket on top
Rocket Tower:  ruins of some unknown structure now left standing along the train tracks
on the east side of the Salton Sea.
The Mojave Desert is my kind-of place:  hot, vast, unpopulated.  I explored the area around the Salton Sea for a few days.  The attractions here are the kinds of things that would be condemned in a city:  broken and rotten shacks, buildings in ruin and being overtaken by the sand.

The biggest drawback is the stench of rotting fish which grows quite strong as you near the water.  I can only describe the smell this way:  imagine dumping 1,000 cans of tuna fish into 100 porta-potties and then sticking your nose into the worst-smelling part.  That's the Salton Sea smell!

But if you can bear the smell, there is much to discover.  Bombay Beach community has lots of ruined buildings and some that are inhabited (by those with no sense of smell).  I found it pretty busy with people, kids, photographers and other gawkers.  Further on down the line I liked my roadside rocket and Niland Marina beach park.  These were totally deserted, abandoned and more photogenic.  I lingered at the Roadside Rocket for a sunset which didn't disappoint.  This was my favorite discovery at the Salton Sea.
Desert ruin near Salton Sea
Another view of Rocket Tower ruins.  The desert is perfect for this crazy stuff.
Niland Marina Salton Sea
Niland Marina ruins along the Salton Sea