Dungeon Canyon, Lake Powell

Sunset at Lake Powell's Dungeon Canyon
Alien Planet:  Dramatic skies with orange and purple reflected light shone
over Lake Powell's Dungeon Canyon
I've done some posts on Lake Powell before and this year I'll add to this growing category.  Each year Lake Powell gives me a surprise.  The changing water level reveals or conceals different things year to year.  A great beach one year is gone the next.  A picturesque promontory can disappear in a season.

Dungeon Canyon is near Rainbow Bridge.  It's pretty small and cannot give anchorage to more than a handful of boaters.  This year I found a good beach to anchor a boat and enjoyed some family time.  Storms threatened but did not truly strike until the final day.  With these storms came some dramatic skies.  One evening the sky shone bright orange long before the last light of sunset.  I grabbed my camera with its' 16-35mm wide angle lens and began searching for a good photography subject to match the dramatic skies.  Half-submerged rocky islands seemed most interesting and so I shot multiple compositions until I felt I'd found something I liked, which ended up being balanced from left to right.