Fonts Point: Sunset over Anza Borrego Badlands

sunset view over anza borrego fonts point
Spectacular Sunset at Font's Point
Fonts Point at Anza Borrego Desert is the must visit location in this region.  The views stretch all the way into Mexico and the Borrego Badlands form hundreds if not thousands of canyons that are woven together in the most beautiful natural landscape.  It is easy to drive here on the dirt road.  Step out of your car and Boom! you are there.

The great thing about fonts point is that it is just not one location.  You can walk along the edge for miles in every direction.  I spent quite a bit of time walking in one direction and then I would come all the way back and go in the other direction because the views are amazing everywhere.

Remember to stay after the sun goes down because the light becomes a dark glow on the land.  This is one of the better sunset locations I have visited in my life!  It should not be missed.
Fonts point canyon
Looking down a Canyon
Fonts point Badlands
Twisted Ridges descend hundreds of feet
HDR sunset at fonts point
Great Sunset view from Fonts Point
Anza Borrego Dusk from Fonts Point
Dark Glow over the Anza Borrego Badlands