Exploring Mountain Palm Springs Canyon in the Anza Borrego Desert

mountain palm springs canyon landscape photography
Palms, Ocotillo and Barrel Cacti are primarily seen in Mountain Palm Springs Canyon
In the heart of Anza Borrego Desert Reserve are the oases giving palm trees a life in the midst of harsh surroundings.  Mountain Palm Springs is one such oasis.  In my digital explorations using Google satellite images, it appeared that several small oases are interspersed throughout these canyons.  I came for sunrise and early morning photography (they face the east) and found small paths leading over the hills of one canyon into another adjacent canyon.  These hills are not very high so climbing to the top and then discovering another oasis in the desert was kind-of fun.  This is a delightful and easy place to explore.  (It made me feel like a Victorian-era explorer.)  I could have stayed a lot longer but had some other adventures planned this day.

There is a small BLM-style campground with plenty of room here.  You'll be totally alone with nature.  When I visited in early February, the temperatures were perfect for hiking.  Enjoy some photograph from this wonderful landscape.  
southwest america palm tree oasis
Boulder and Oasis
barrel cactus with palm trees
Cactus Trio
ocotillo cactus at mountian palm springs canyon
Wiry Ocotillo branches stretch up
towards the morning sky