Ocotillo Plants at Fonts Point

ocotillo at anza borrego desert
Ocotillo in Fading Light
Ocotillo are my favorite plant and I found a few perched over Fonts Point when I made my sunset visit.  The star of this location is the badland formations extending out far into the distance.  I used the ocotillo plants as foreground subjects with the obvious background being the badlands.

Some shots are from sunset and others from dusk.  I even found a fallen plant nearly ready to drop into the canyon.  I shot its' photo very close to the canyon edge.

As things became darker, my shutter speed went from 1/60 second to 1/4 second.  To prevent even slower shutter speeds, I increased my ISO to 400 for the above shot and opened aperture to f/8.  I had to do this avoid blurred ocotillos as the wind made them sway back and forth.

My last is the same plant as my first shot, just about 60 minutes earlier.

ocotillo plant at dusk
Ocotillo silhouette in Anza Borrego
fonts point with ocotillo clinging to the edge
Clinging to the Edge at Fonts Point
dead ocotillo at fonts point
Fonts point with Dead Ocotillo
ocotillo at fonts point scenery
Fonts Point Badlands with Ocotillo