Kilchurn Castle, Scotland (a visit)

scotland castle in the highlands
Kilchurn Castle Ruins
Kilchurn Castle is an impressive ruin in the Highlands of Scotland.  On the day of expeditions from Glencoe, I visited this Gothic site.  The building is free and easy.  A pleasant level pathway leads from the parking lot around a few trees, under a bridge and then across the field to the castle.  The castle itself is located on a lake.  Entry is not allowed and the castle was locked.  Nevertheless each face of the castle gave a different look or view to photograph and experience.  I was fortunate to visit on a beautiful day with lovely blue skies and gorgeous clouds.

Photographically speaking the most technical shot I attempted was the Windows shot with the shadow of the wall allowing only a few squares of light onto the grass.  This was shot almost directly into the sunlight.  I made sure the lens of the camera was not being hit by the sunlight directly but this is clearly a high contrast feature.  I used Lightroom HDR software and try to make this as realistic as it was to my natural eye.

ruined castle with empty windows
Windows of Kilchurn Castle

walls of kilchurn castle scotland
Kilchurn Castle western wall and surroundings