Lost Pencil of Joshua Tree National Park

Lost Pencil photo taken at sunrise
Lost Pencil at Sunrise
Scouting locations in Joshua tree before arriving, I combed the Internet and found several different unhelpful sites.  It was not until I discovered the "Joshua Tree 3D" site that I found a place that actually told you where to find specific rock formations.  I decided to hike to one location mentioned on this site called the "lost pencil".  I hiked out before sunrise so that I could be there when the sun came up.  The wind had been blowing throughout the night and there were no clouds at all.  The harsh desert sky did not provide anything interesting to complement the rocks.  Therefore I tried to include a lot of different objects on the ground as I was making photographic composition choices.

Sometimes photographers only show their very best work.  This case, I feel that this is not my very best work but given the weather conditions, it is the best that could occur on this particular morning.  Oh, there is not a lot of information about this a big rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park and I thought I would share this and perhaps it will help someone else.  I enjoyed the hike.  This is a wonderful location to visit.