Yant Flat Fins and Shell: Picking the Best Photo

Fins and colorful sandstone Yant Flat Utah
Yant Flat fins leading to the Turtle Shell
After taking 600 pictures in one location on one day, I am often faced with the challenge of choosing the best picture.  I have a soft heart when he comes to the pictures that I have taken and 10 to lungs them just like a lovely children.  Each one is different but it is hard to choose one over the other.  Nevertheless I know that is part of the photography process that must done and I try to force myself to practice this by choosing a photograph each month that is my best effort.  I have a gallery called the "photo of the month"filled with these that goes back to my early photography days.

I choose this particular photograph overall of my others because I like the composition.  As I was wandering around Yant Flat I saw this particular group of fins and try to align them headed towards the yellow hill in the background.  I like this composition.  As the sun would come out, I walked over to this area on 3 different occasions to get it with different clouds and different lighting.  I just had a strong feeling that it would be the best composition of the day.

Back at home looking through my photos, I still liked this.  It is very unique and I think captures a very beautiful moment with the lovely blue sky with fluffy clouds above.  Therefore it is my pick of the month.  I hope you enjoy.