Zion Narrows Hiking and Photography

Virgin river in Zion narrows
Zion Narrows with High Cliffs and Autumn Trees
Tackling a worldwide icon such as Zions National Park Virgin River narrows is a wonderful opportunity.  People wisely come from around the world to visit this magical location.  I live within a 1-hour drive and made my most recent trip here in October.  The leaves had changed to a greenish-yellow which made them stand out from the orange and black canyon walls.  

I'll bet there are literally millions of photographs taken here each year.  This is not a place where I'll discover something never seen before.  Rather it's a place where I can shoot my best and then measure my work against the very best photographers in the world.  They all come here.  They all shoot in the same narrow canyon.  

That being said, here are a few other photos from this beautiful icon of the Southwest.

landscape photography art zion narrows utah
Virgin River Bend in Zion Narrows
zion narrows with autumn colors photography
Zion Narrows in a wide canyon section
zion narrows southwest utah scenic
Zion Narrow, a shot upstream