3 Bears Falls in a Rainstorm

Road to Hana waterfall Upper Waikani
Upper Waikani Falls during a rainstorm.
On my second trip to Maui, I visited the lovely city of Hana once again.  On this trip, the rain was falling a lot more.  We had more cloudy days, more use of the windshield wipers and less time getting a tan at the beach.  I was curious to see what the waterfalls would be like on the road to Hana.  I have seen some photographs of them during severe floods:  severe brown massive waterfalls causing destruction.  When I arrived at the picturesque 3 bears waterfall, I was surprised that it did not look more wild.  The image was pretty tame.  In this photograph, I try to capture the highest waterfall above.  You can see it through the trees.  When it is not raining, it is much harder to see and I really did not appreciate it on my first visit.