Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees on Maui, Hawaii

detailed bark on rainbow eucalyptus tree
Bark detail of a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
Rainbow eucalyptus trees are a sight to see with your own eyes.  Their unreal colors made me think someone had photoshopped a little too much when I first saw pictures.  Then I saw the real thing and learned that these trees really are fluorescent green, bold orange and deep brown.  I only know of their existence in Hawaii and they are difficult to find there.

On Maui, you can see these beauties on the road to Hana.  Some of our sitting next to the road.  You cannot really stop to see them because of the traffic.  A great place to experience them close up, away from the traffic is the Ke'anae Arboretum.  There is a small sign on the road and a place to pull off.  A paved pathway goes into the forest.  Informative signs can teach you about many different plans but the ones that are most interesting to me are the rainbow eucalyptus trees.  A pleasant 10 minute walk brings you to a small grove of rainbow eucalyptus trees.  There are probably 20 of them total.  Their beautiful, colorful and peaceful.

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rainbow eucalyptus trees
Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees
Maui jungle forest of rainbow eucalyptus trees
Rainbow Eucalyptus Grove of Trees