Trail Report: Akaka Falls State Park

akaka falls hawaii tall big beautiful waterfall
Akaka Falls in the Afternoon Sunshine
I can say from experience that hiking in the jungle is difficult, messy, bloody and muddy.  It doesn't have to be this way if you visit Akaka Falls state park.  This compact state park is not very far off the main road.  For a nominal fee you can see the dropdead gorgeous Akaka waterfall.  That view is worth the entire detour.  For some, they see the waterfall and go home.  The waterfall can be reached with minimal effort by climbing down the stairs and taking the left paved trail.  Within 5 minutes, you are rewarded with this lovely view.

The trail makes a circuit which I highly recommend.  It is not long nor difficult but he has beautiful views into the jungle.  Here are a few other photos I took on my brief visit.  I found quite a bit variety within the park with views into the deep jungle interior, beautiful jungle trees as well as flowers and other growth.

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akaka jungle trail big island hawaii
Jungle views from trail
single tree branch against cloudy blue skies
Stretching above the canopy into sunlight
akaka state park jungle vine trail
Staring into the heart of the tangled jungle