Hamoa Beach Sunrise, Maui

sunrise hamoa beach hana, maui
Hamoa Beach, a beautiful sunrise location
Headed back to Maui for a second visit, I hoped to see some new things.  Previously during my visit to Hana I enjoy the sunrise and Black Sand beach, Koki beach and Red Sand beach.  Because there are not very many beaches in this area, I had seen everything except for Hamoa beach.  All of these other locations are outstanding at sunrise.  I hope that Hamoa beach would be equally good and rewarding.

Previous day it had rained a lot.  Clouds were just starting to clear through the night.  When I arrived at the beach, everything was very overcast and the sunrise really didn't happen all at once.  Instead, the sun would peek through the clouds here and there in the clouds themselves dynamically changed from moment to moment.

A wonderful thing about this beach is the different viewpoints.  Getting down in the sand near the water yields fantastic photos.  Likewise, it is an easy walk to the south side where I captured a view above the water, looking down on the beach.

I must also report that when I returned to this beach a few hours later with my family, it made for wonderful swimming.

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hamoa beach hana maui landscape
Hamoa beach golden sand
hamoa beach waves and sand are the best of maui
Wave and Beach meet at Hamoa Beach, south of Hana