Arches Sunset of Windows Section

Utah arches national park sunset
Arches Windows Section Panoramic Sunset
Having only one sunset in Arches National Park, I thought long and hard about which location to choose.  This was near the end of my trip to Moab and I felt weary.  I'd previously debated between the Windows section, delicate arch, and the marching men.  Perhaps choosing the easy way out, I decided to shoot a panorama of the Windows section.  However I did not simply take one picture and call it quits.  Instead, it shows the location far away from the Windows and set up my 300mm f/2.8 lens on a heavy tripod.  Shooting quickly but deliberately level at sunset, I captured more than 20 images from the left to right.  The golden hour was truly beautiful.

At home, I stitched these together to create my most successful and beautiful panorama.  The power of a panorama comes out when these are viewed very large.  I encourage you to visit my website where you can see this in original size.  It's huge and you'll have to slide down and around in your browser to see it all.  You will see people under Turret Arch and climbing around North Window.  You will see amazing details.  This panorama allows you to see the BIG picture and then zoom into the small details as much as you like.

Panorama in original size.  (Give it several seconds to load)