Slide Rock Arch: Photography in Paria Canyon

Slide rock arch paria hiking utah
Slide Rock Arch in Paria Canyon:  Massive and Beautiful
Slide rock arch is a spectacular destination deep inside Paria Canyon.  It is neither easy to reach nor easy to photograph.  The massive size as well as the restrictions of a slot canyon present challenges.  The mixed lighting (some direct, some reflected, some indirect) is also a challenge.  

To deal with the lighting difficulties that often arise at mid day, I hiked very early so that I would reach this before light was shining directly into the canyon.  To deal with the massive size, I also used my tilt shift 17 mm lens.  Taking several different shots, I was able to stitch them together to create the photograph above.  This is what the eye can see.  This is what is too wide for a standard camera to include.  

Several other views of slide rock arch are included here so that you can get a good idea of what this special place is really like.

Slide rock arch utah paria grand staircase
Slide Rock Arch photographed from a small sandy hill in Paria Canyon
utah arch slide rock paria
Triangles in Nature:  Slide Rock arch and Reflection of Paria Canyon
Paria Canyon heavy boulder arch Utah
Huge, heavy boulder creating Slide Rock Arch.