Deep in Buckskin Gulch

buckskin gulch hiking through deep narrow canyon
Curve and Glow:  Buckskin Gulch
Buckskin gulch is famous for the deep and extremely long narrows.  I think it is possible the hike  through these narrows without ever having the sunlight directly strike you.  These narrows are so deep.  The light which you see is primarily reflected off the canyon walls much higher up.  This creates a beautiful blowing color on the walls.  As a landscape photographer, this type of life is so unique and wonderful to me.  There are a few examples of that light and what it can do in a beautiful canyon.
hiking through buckskin gulch amazing.
Sculpted wall of Buckskin Gulch
buckskin gulch deep and narrow canyon
Deep Glowing Wall far into Buckskin Gulch
buckskin gulch sandstone narrows
High canyon wall and light reflected everywhere
in Buckskin Gulch