Two Beautiful Pools

Crested Pool in the Old Faithful area
Yellowstone Park is filled with natural wonders.  On my recent trip to the park, I saw 2 beautiful pools into beautiful locations.  Yellowstone Park is known for wonderful colors and fragile beauty.

Crested Pool is not far from Old Faithful.  As one of the first attractions you will find as you are walking away from the lodge, adjacent to Castle geyser.  What makes this cool so lovely it is the thin eggshell white crests that surrounds the water.  Surrounding that is a wonderful orange matte in the shape of an amoeba.  In the distance, the fire hole river and some climbing mountains give wonderful setting.

Farther north in the park, and Norris geyser basin, Emerald Pool is on the way to Steamboat geyser.  I usually think of emeralds as green but this is a very lovely turquoise color instead.  The colors can change over the years.  When it was named, I assume it had a green color.  (For another example like this, black pool in the West Thumb geyser basin is actually a beautiful blue color.)
Emerald Pool in Norris Geyser Basin