Trail Report: Sandy Cay, BVI

Caribbean island sandy cay bvi
Sandy Cay as seen from the water
Sandy Cay is a national park of the British Virgin Islands.  A visit here is highly recommended.  The islands is a tropical paradise with beautiful sandy beaches and a wonderful trail circling the island.  The trail is not long at all but highly pleasant. On the same island, cactus and palm trees co-exist.   You'll start by landing your watercraft (in our case a kayak) on the beach.  Then walk around the beach to the right where you'll discover a trail leading through the trees.  After a few hundred feet, the trail climbs onto rockier and higher ground.  Here the cactus thrive and you'll have a splendid view back toward the beach.  Keep circling around the trail and you'll drop back into the forest canopy.  Finally, you return to the beach.  Total time:  20-40 minutes.  Memories:  priceless.
sandy cay beach and waves bvi
When you land with your kayak or dinghy, this is what you see.
hiking sandy cay bvi
Looking back to the beach from the high point of the island.
Many Cactus are on this part but a fine trail goes through them.
palm tree island beach caribbean bvi
The trail returns to the beach where you can
go for a swim or take photos of paradise.
british virgin islands sandy cay crab
Native crab on Sandy Cay