Face Canyon, Lake Powell

Lake Powell Narrow Slot
Face Canyon Narrows
Face Canyon is a beautiful location in the southern portion of Lake Powell, also known as Glen Canyon recreation area.  Before the Glen Canyon dam was completed, these narrow slot canyons were much like Buckskin Gulch or Antelope Canyon.  As water has filled the canyon, these narrows have become very unique indeed!  Although the walls of the canyon are close enough to permit touching both sides at the same time, the water is profoundly deep.  This is not something that can be waded.

I discovered this particular branch of Face Canyon while traveling in a kayak.  I made 4 visits to this location.  On my 2nd visit I attempted to wedge my tripod against the wall so that I could take a photograph.  The walls are too steep, too slippery.  On my last attempt I realize that is photos would have to be taken handheld.  This is difficult to do when you are sitting in a kayak and a slight breeze is blowing in the canyon.  The kayak gently floats.  This small movement blurred many of my photo attempts.  I realize this was a problem and took multiple photographs, hoping that I would have something worthwhile at the end.

The water is more clear at the opening of the canyon and becomes more filled with debris upstream.
Lake Powell face Canyon
Deep Red Beauty:  Face Canyon Narrows
Reflection Lake Powell
Reflection on Glen Canyon