Bikini and Sailboat: Sandy Cay, BVI

bikini-clad woman and sailboat Sandy Cay, BVI
Bikini and Sailboat:  Postcard-Perfect Photo from Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands
I would like to step back from vacation location information and focus on what makes a good photograph.  Everyone would like their vacation photographs to capture how beautiful that beach is or how clear and blue are the waters.  So many times vacation photographs fall short.  I see this all the time as friends will share their pictures with words such as "It looks so much better in real life" or "You had to be there."  Although nothing is as good as being there, I like my photographs to come very close.

Sandy Cay is a national park in the British Virgin Islands.  This small island was donated by the Rockefeller family and is an absolute treasure to visit.  You truly get a sense of Paradise found.  That is what I was hoping to convey in this photograph.  I isolated a lone sailboat with a beautiful woman walking into the water.  These 2 are balanced on either side of the photograph.  I included enough of the beach to show how beautiful it is as well as how empty it is.  I hopee to communicate a feeling of giddiness and glee at finding such a beautiful place in the world.