Montana Bloom: Obeying Photography Rules

mountain stream purple wildflowers sunset
Montana Bloom:  This photo obeys several landscape photography rules.
Lupine wildflowers were in bloom last month in Montana.  Patches of purple mixed in with the green grassland, coloring the charming land.  How to capture this beauty?  I decided to go back to the "rules" of landscape photography and see what happened.  Here are a few of the rules I followed:

1.  Foreground interest.  The flower is the obvious choice here.  The challenge comes in how to include this flower and everything else.  A wide-angle lens positioned just above the highest petals allows the viewer to get a whiff of lupine but still see the wider landscape above.

2.  S-curve.  The S-curve is used mostly in figure photography, particularly the female form.  This same curve can be used when it appear in landscape.  The lovely stream makes such a curve and connects the foreground to the background, helping me obey two photography rules.

3.  Golden hour.  I photographed this just before and after sunset.  This shot was taken after sun had left the ground yet was still touching the distant peaks, giving them the golden glow.