Beautiful Montana Cabin

montana wildflowers and small cabin
Lupine Wildflowers and small Montana Cabin at sunset

 I visit southwest Montana each year for one week.  Each years looks different depending on how much rain/snow they've had and how early/late in the summer I go.  This lonely cabin sits in a big valley and I've taken to shooting it each year.  Sometimes I try sunset, others at sunrise, others with different lenses, etc -- I want to get something NEW each year.  That's the challenge:  to get a quality shot that isn't a copy of prior years.

This year the lupine wildflowers were out in force.  That's very exciting!  The last 5 minutes of direct sunlight shone on these flowers as the day ended.  I'd actually found this bunch of flowers an hour earlier as the best bunch in the area.  I'd picked a few stray grass blades out.  When I returned with a few minutes of dying light, I was so happy to find a perfect bouquet.

This is the first time I've written about this 8-year project and I'm going to post the winning shot from previous years for comparison.  For some different thoughts on these photos, you can also see my post at with many comments from other photographers.

montana valley sunset with cabin
Grasses and wildflowers from 2013, shooting from a different angle.
dry grassy valley in smokey haze
Burst of Light:  2012 had many wildfires that sent a dark haze into the sky.
The sunshine just came out before sunset this day.
beautiful valley grass and clouds.
Bound to Earth:  2011 was a lovely year.
big sky madison valley montana
The Biggest Sky:  2010 had the most magnificent clouds sweeping the sky.
tiny cabin in madison valley sunrise
Fire in the Sky:  2009 sunrise shot
golden fields big valley montana
Golden Fields and Blue Mountains:  2008 had magic light.
little cabin in Montana
Little House on the Prairie:  2007 first shot in the series