Notom Sunrise, Capitol Reef

Notom capitol reef autumn
Notom Sunrise in autumn
Capitol Reef National Park as the water pocket folder which runs from north to south the length of the park.  The most frequent visited locations are on the west side of the water pocket fold.  They do not get the early morning light from sunrise.  On the east side, the sunrise directly lights up the landscape.

I was hoping to find a good autumn location for sunrise and drove out here in the early dawn.  The town of Notom is more of a location on a dirt road than any type of established community.  There is a very old cemetery on a hill.  The gravestones indicate some of the residents died in the 1800s.  This hill overlooks Pleasant Creek and the surrounding cottonwood trees.  It was on this hill that I set up my tripod and compose the photograph.  I was delighted with the lovely autumn leaves.