Geiger Beach, Florida Keys

Geiger Beach Boca Chica Key
Geiger Beach:  Pretty but not much of a beach
To get off the beaten path in the Florida Keys, I took a trip to Geiger Beach.  This is a small drive off the main overseas highway.  It is located near the military base on Boca Chica Key.  Here you will find free spirits, some beautiful trees and pleasant water.  Sand is not very common here.

I visited this beach on a February afternoon.  The weather was beautiful.  I was hoping to hike farther along the beach and find some isolation, solitude and a beautiful photographic location for sunset.  Here you do find all of those things but they do not come with a beach.  The trail is very simple at first but after you reach the first estuary, the trail becomes overgrown with trees and vines.  You just walked past the best easily accessible areas.

You can continue going but there isn't any beach reward further down.  Also, you will wade up to your knees in mud in order to cross the estuary and continue the trail.  The 2nd estuary crossing that I reached was very quiet.  I had the entire place to myself and had a wonderful swim.  Was it worth the mud wading?  I'm not sure.  On my way back I photographed this lovely tree at low tide.

Another curiosity located here is a "stone house"filled with bottles, netting and other garbage.  As far as I can tell, it is not inhabited.  This is located near the parking area.
Geiger Beach stone house
Stone House, Geiger Beach