Fall in Fruita, Utah

fruita bridge autumn leaves
Bridge in Fruita, Utah
Cottonwood trees surrounding a green grassy park on a quiet evening in October.  The skies grow colorful and the trees take on a wonderful glow here in autumn.  Not only are the trees great photography subjects, but there are orchards, barns, buildings and bridges.  Wandering from the campground to the Fremont River and back is a wonderful stroll full of beautiful views.

I wandered through the cottonwoods just before sunset.  Sunrise is a great time for visiting the Fruita barn, which is adjacent to the campground.  While at the barn, you may as well visit the Gifford house to eat a delicious pie for breakfast.
autumn trees capitol reef
Fruita Cottonwood Trees
fruita barn capitol reef
Sunrise by Fruita Barn