Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge view photography
Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Manhattan
New York City has so many amazing things to see, it is impossible to do them all in one trip.  My previous visit several decades ago included the most famous landmarks such as the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty.  Slightly less famous is the Brooklyn Bridge.  This incredible structure has been standing for over 100 years.  Millions of cars, bicycles, and pedestrians have made the track into and out of Manhattan from Brooklyn.  I decided to give it a go.  On a nice day, the walk is delightful. 

As far as photography is concerned, the views are somewhat constricted.  Pedestrians must walk in the center of the bridge and there is a lot of rails, cables and other supporting structures to block the view.  I found better creative photography using my 70-200 mm lens and choosing to isolate parts of the bridge and parts of Manhattan.  I've seen very good wide-angle pictures as well.  I did not try that because the crowds to great to make that work on this particular day.