Red Rock Trail, Yellowstone Park (trail report)

red rock trail yellowstone lower falls
Red Rock Point Hike, Yellowstone Park
The red rock trail of Yellowstone Park is located on the North side of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.  To access this trail, drives a one-way route beginning upstream.  There is a very popular hike to the brink of the lower falls.  The next major hike and parking lot is the red rock point.

This begins as a switch back trial descending fairly steeply.  The trail is paved part of the time.  Waterfall cannot be seen until you have distended a few turns.  Then it is in view and you can hear the powerful water.  As you descend further, the noise grows louder and the view continues to improve.  Descend to the red rock point by going down several flights of stairs noted in the picture above.

The view was quite wonderful.  I was there midmorning.  The waterfall primarily faces east.  Because of this, the late afternoon sun would make it difficult to photograph.  Sunrise might be a better time to visit this.

The hike itself is short but will make you puff because of the high altitude.  You can easily go down and back in less than one hour.  I highly recommend it.
red rock point waterfall view
Lower Yellowstone Falls