Venice Photography: Trying to get an original composition

Shooting under the horse to frame the campanile
beneath its' chest took me to my knees and required
an acute neck angle to get this shot.
Just like in Paris, Venice challenges the photographer to discover a new composition.  This ancient city has been photographed millions of times and has also been painted by the old masters.  How could I possibly go to this location and come back with something original?

Well, I am not sure if I did come back with anything original but I tried.  I tried by getting down on the ground and shooting up, I tried by using my telephoto lens to pick out just the details and bring pieces of buildings closer in a photograph than they appear in real life.  I tried by getting up early in the morning and I tried by staying out late.  I also tried by not having specific locations programmed into my mind.  I let myself wander and discover.

Here are some photographs of Venice that I hope are unique.

This shot was much harder than it appears.  I wandered
through the northern section of town where I saw
no one but locals, and only few of them.  
A detailed shot on the Doge's palace with the red brick of
St. Mark's campanile in the background.  I shot this very telephoto shot
to brink these two elements together.
Doge's Column:  each face was unique
Colorful authentic Venice courtyard