Val di Funes and Zanes Trail

Typical forest view along the Zanes Trail
Val di Funes is a gorgeous location in northern Italy.  If you do a Google search you will know what I mean.  This is part of the Puez Odle National Park.  I was expecting a lot of tourists, hikers and other visitors when I came here.  To my surprise, it was completely deserted.  I seem to have the entire valley and mountains to myself.  To be fair, it had been raining/snowing recently and there was a little bit of a drizzle continuing.

The Zanes Trail is advertised as a wheelchair accessible trail in the dolomites.  There are no stairs.  Some of the trail is packed with loose gravel, making it difficult for a wheeled vehicle to go through but possible.  Along the trail there are different signs indicating interesting facts about the wildlife and forest. 

Old Cabin at the beginning of Zanes Trail

Coming to the Valley from Bolzano would be difficult without some GPS instructions. There are a lot of small roads, sharp turns and very few signs. Without these aides I would have wondered if I had taken a wrong turn. Leaving the valley was even more exciting. We took the road from Funes to Sa Martino. This traverses the Passo delle Erbe Wurzjoch. Let me just say that this road is very exciting and full of twists. It has more twists and greater scenery and than the road to Hana in Maui or Highway 1 in Big Sur. If you ever have the chance to visit, you will not be disappointed.
Funes, Villnos and the Val di Funes

Hillside cabins along the journey