Trail Report: Sella Ronda

Passo Pordoi Lift to the Mountaintop
The Sella Ronda is the term used for going around the Sella Mountain group.  This particular group of mountains is surrounded by several skiing towns.  Some people travel by bicycle, automobile and hiking.  I was with my family and we traveled by car.  Some of the great highlights include 3 high mountain passes.  These are Pordoi Pass, Sella Pass and Gardena Pass. 

The first pass is Pordoi.  This pass has a list that goes to the top.  It opens earlier in the summer than most other lifts.  We took the ride.  I would highly recommend doing so.  In just a few minutes you ascend thousands of meters into the clouds.  While we were on top, beautiful sunshine hit us in the face.  20 minutes later it was snowing.  Unforgettable.
Sella Pass
Sella Pass has 3 ragged peaks shooting into the sky.  As you drive from pass to pass, your neck might start to hurt because you'll be looking straight up at some of the mountains directly above you.  A sunroof or convertible car are recommended.
Sella Ronda road
The last pass before completing the circuit is Gardena.  This pass has a lovely church and a lovely view in all directions.  If you are as lucky as I was when you do this trip, you will then return to your hotel for an afternoon at the spa.  Good luck!
Gardena Pass View