Study Abroad in Europe

Young women sits in window in Venice.
Although you cannot see it, the canal is below her.
During my journeys in Europe, I saw many students.  They were traveling overseas or studying abroad and searching for cultural experience.  The deep history Europe offers is undeniable.  You simply cannot be unmoved after touring the Louvre, climbing an ancient castle rampart or watching the sun set over the Salute Cathedral in Venice.  I felt enriched when I first visited Europe as a student and I enjoyed seeing others repeating that same experience.  

As a photographer I tried to capture some of that with these photos of young students in ancient surroundings.  The contrast between young and old, life and death, student and history is what I hoped to show.
My daughter in the window of
Beynac Castle
Study abroad: student before ancient
tomb in La Frari church of Venice.