St. Mark's Cathedral: Inside Photos

Black lantern within St. Mark's Cathedral
Photography is forbidden in St. Mark's Cathedral.  However everyone around me was taking pictures.  The peer pressure was too much and I broke out my camera and started shooting.  You have to shoot quickly and you cannot have a tripod.  A big tripod and a slow photographer would attract too much attention from the understaffed guards.  A discrete photographer with a high ISO and a steady hand is able to come back with a few good pictures of this incredible historic religious building.  The mosaics are breathtaking, truly magnificent.  Please enjoy.

The floor is a rolling irregular mosaic
Golden chest from the Treasury
Gold Mosaic of Christ washing the feet
of Peter
Incredible Golden Dome
Inner Sanctum
Mosaic detail
Enormous mosaic of the house of Israel and
all the branches.  This was huge.
Angel slaying a dragon