Gardena Pass Sunrise

Gardena Pass Church at sunrise
I found myself on top of Gardena Pass waiting for the sun to rise in June.  According to my calculations and the Internet, the sun was due to rise at 5:20 AM.  I was in position at 5 AM.  I wandered up and around a lovely church.  Above the church the trail extends farther into the mountain peaks.  The wind was blowing and warmth nonexistent.  The storm had come through the area the previous several days and today the storm had finally cleared out.  A few clouds were here and there.  I expected it to be a beautiful sunrise.

Slowly the light grew.  I was in position to catch the very first light shining on this beautiful mountain church surrounded by rugged peaks.  5:20 passed.  Now was 5:21, then 5:22 and still no sun.  Because I was so cold, time slowed down and 10 minutes seemed like an hour.  The sun finally rose at 5:30.  I've never known the sun to be tardy before but on this day it was.  I will forgive it this day because it brought an unforgettable beautiful sunrise.


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