Doge's Palace Photography

Doge's Palace:  Arches and Columns

The Doge's Palace is a must-see to any visitor of Venice.  So much history, power and art are on display here.  The exterior is an architectural wonder.  The interior is also magnificent.  Although photography is not encouraged inside, the details outside can be photographed freely.  Here are some of my shots.  In order to have an empty corridor of arches, I had to arrive very early in the morning.  I came back later to enjoy the official tour.

Details of the Doge
View from the top of Doge's palace stairs
You can sneak a few photos here and there.  I found the "no photo" policy widely abused by all travelers.  Everyone had their cameras out and shot here and there.  For about every 1,000 photos I saw taken, I heard one guide saying "no photo."
Art-covered ceiling inside Doge's Palace
While I was there I also got to see Manet's Olympia displayed next to Titian's Venus.  This was a historic artistic display in which the original work of art was compared with another artist's interpretation of the same scene.

Manet's Olympia and Titian's Venus:
side by side for comparison