Pisa Camposanto

Reclining Statue from Pisa's Camposanto
Pisa's touristic powerhouse is the "field of miracles" headlined by the famous leaning tower.  this is an absolutely wonderful sight to see, both fun and architecturally fascinating.  The wonderful grassy fields surrounding the leaning Tower and Duomo invite fun loving people to sit down and enjoy the wonderful view.  People watching can be fantastic here.

On a first visit here, it was very easy to not pay attention to the long rectangular building on the far left. That was a mistake.  On my 2nd visit, after more preparation and education, I had this building at the top of my list for Pisa.  Pisa's Camposanto (cemetery) was the location for famous citizens to be buried.  It also was painted with marvelous frescoes.  Many of these were damaged during World War II.

You would think with ancient tombs and world-class frescoes, that would be enough for one location.  However the Camposanto offers even more:  ancient Roman sculptures and sarcophagi.  These date from the first millennium and are quite spectacular.  Simply by walking around the rectangular courtyard, one can enjoy artistic treasures from 15 centuries.  Amazing.  My favorite things were the incredible sculptures.
Deceased nobleman of Pisa
Roman mourning in art
Camposanto inner garden, supposed filled with holy soil
"Inconsolable"is the name of this statue
Reclining Marble statue
Statue of deceased Pisa leader