Monterosso al Mare: Getting Lost

Quiet Intersection of Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre
Before crowds wake up, before the shops open, before sounds fill the alleyways, every city seems to have a quiet side.  I like to get up and wander around during this time to see the world without so many people.  Here in there, a shopkeeper was getting ready for the day.  For the most part, the alleyways for empty and silent.

As a photographer I enjoyed exploring.  I had no map, no agenda.  I just wandered around, took my time and enjoyed whatever happened to cross my path.  Some street signs, hanging lanterns, umbrellas, parked bicycles and doors ajar caught my attention.  I hope you enjoy them.

Monterosso al Mare is where I stayed during my 3 days in the Cinque Terre.  This is a wonderful town.  I stayed in the older part, more southern part.  There is a wonderful beach, wonderful old buildings and delicious pizza.
Green door number 21
Shops before opening time.
Via Genova sign stuck on a building
Old and new walls