St. Triomphe Church in Arles

Ancient Arles Church Facade
They say the early bird catches the worm.  I say the early photographer beats the restoration crew.  During my visit in the city of Arles, I got up for a morning walk and wandered down to the town square.  The ancient St. Triomphe church has a wonderful façade with apostles, Christ, creatures for minting centers as well as a army of saints and sinners at the final judgment.  In the morning I found this completely uncluttered, free for inspection and beautiful.  I walked right up close and could see the expressions on everyone's face.

Later I returned to go inside the church and I was surprised to find a hydraulic lift, scaffolding and lots of barricades blocking the view.  Apparently some work was being done to clean up the statues.  This was done during the daytime working hours.  Visiting during those hours, a traveler would not get to enjoy the uncluttered beauty.  I was glad I had come earlier.
Close-up of suffering sinner