Beynac Castle in Dordogne, France

Beynac Castle
Beynac Castle is a splendid monument to the Middle Ages.  This castle was part of the Hundred Years War and was possessed by the French during that battle.  It has been meticulously cared for and is in wonderful condition . . . except for the cobblestone street leading up to the castle.  I happened to be traveling with a child in a wheelchair and the cobblestone was very difficult for him.  Apart from that, this is a wonderful sight to see.

The castle has a commanding view of the river.  The river takes a turn here and the castle was at the elbow of that curve/turn.  You can see down river and upriver easily.  This is a very strategic location.  There is another castle on the other side of the river that was British during the great war.  This is easily seen and also imposing.  The name of that castle is Castelnaud. 

There are plenty of opportunities to get artistic with photography here.  The ancient stone, the stairways, the beautiful views of the river, the old leaded glass windows are some of the things that attracted me.  I'm sure there is much more that can be found here.  Your creative juices can be put to good work.

The tour of the castle itself guided.  Most of the rooms are empty although there are a few tables or displays here and there.  The view of the surrounding countryside is peerless.

It is fun to note that several movies were filmed here.  I am most familiar with Drew Barrymore's movie "Ever After."  Beynac Castle served as the home of the villain.  Drew Barrymore walked out of the castle door pictured above.  It was there that she met her handsome and humbled prince who had come to save her.
View looking from the castle top
View looking up the Dordogne River
Spooky Stairway
Castle top is great for views all around the valley
The Main Beynac Castle Assembly Room
Artistic shot through the ancient glass
Student traveling through the castle, stopping to rest
View of Dordogne and the Beynac Castle Chapel