Arles Market Day

Tradition of Arles Market Day:  Bread for Sale
The city of Arles has the market on Wednesday and Saturday.  The Saturday market is traditionally the largest.  However the first Wednesday of each month is unique with more vendors coming to sell their products.  We happened to be visiting on the first Wednesday in the month of June.  Walking down by the Rhone river, we found the wonderful traditional market.  Just about everything was for sale from bread, cheese, strawberries, citrus, vegetables, sausages and more.  Nonfood items including leather goods were also for sale.  Some samples of the food were given.  I particularly liked the cheese samples and olives.  We bought several delicious items that we ate later that day at a picnic.
Radishes for sale
Sweet strawberries at the Arles Market

Wonderful fresh colors of the Arles Market

Vendor at the Arles Market
Provencial Cheeses:  The samples tasted great and I bought a slice for later.