Paris at Night: Photography for Night Owls

Lamp Posts at the Louvre

Paris is at night is a fantastic experience.  The monuments all take on more splendor and you feel like your are in a magical place.  A photographer could spend many nights visiting great locations.  I couldn't see them all during my stay but did manage some visits.  My favorite are posted here:  Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre were all wonderful.  A tripod is required for these long-exposure shots.  I brought my carry-along-size Gitzo traveler tripod.  This is a marvelous tool.

Some individual comments for specific locations:
Arc de Triomphe:  those photos of blurred car circling the arc are not typical.  You need LOTS of traffic for that, much more than on a typical Paris evening.  I liked getting under the arc and shooting up.

Place de la Concorde:  the fountain waters turn on and off every few minutes.  If they are not on, wait a few minutes and they will light up.

Eiffel Tower:  Lights up on the hour ever hour.  Something to plan for when you are out on the town.  Pick you spot before the hour and you'll be ready for a fantastic show.

Place de la Concorde
Arc de Carosel
Pyramid View
Arc de Triomphe
Paris was a Blur