Best View of Eiffel Tower

Golden Statues light up in the late afternoon

The Eiffel Tower is seen from all around Paris.  It's the landmark not just for the city but also for the continent.  Many locations give a view of the Eiffel tower.  Which is the best?  Here's my opinion.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
The best view of Eiffel Tower is from the Trocadero
The late afternoon light, higher view, great foreground subjects all make the Trocadero my favorite location for viewing the Eiffel Tower.  This park is located on the right bank of the Seine river.  There are many statues, fountains, green areas and trees to use as foreground subjects.  My favorite is this golden statue.  She just glows with beauty and is a strong counterpoint to the Eiffel Tower in the background.

This is also a great spot for photographing people with the tower in the background, as seen in an accompanying shot.  Plenty of people have discovered this great location.  Au revoir.