Pyramid Possibilities: Louvre

Pyramid and Louvre Abstract
The Louvre's fame reaches into every possible category:  ancient art, modern art, classic architecture and modern marvel.  There are many grand castles across Europe but only one has a giant glass pyramid.  This juxtaposition of modern and ancient in the middle of the world's art capital just works.  It's bold to take a classic and alter it dramatically.  The French lead the way for all of art.

Triangular Architecture
Approaching this architectural icon as a photographer was delightful.  During my Paris stay, I was near the Louvre.  I visited it several times:  around sunset, around midnight, around sunrise.  I also went inside the Louvre during the day for the art that is kept there . . . but that's another story. 

So, enjoy my take on the pyramid:  that's what makes the Louvre so unique.

Paris Light

Shoot Through Glass
Louvre Wakes Up
Reflections off the Glass Pyramid
Sully Pavillion at Sunset
Pyramids at Night