Paris in Black and White

Chairs and Fountain from Palais Royale, Paris
Black and white photo processing is still used today and will always be used because there are certain advantages to removing color.  Removing the color from a photograph eliminates color distraction.  For example, in portrait photography the person is the main subject, not their clothing.  Often someone's clothing is a distraction from the person themselves.  It may be bright or have a pattern.  Black and white processing eliminates or minimizes that.

When I process a photo, I'm ask myself whether color adds to the photograph or distracts from my message.  Every photograph tells a story.  The story should not have too many loose ends.  It should get to the point without confusion.

Tuileries Garden Statue, Paris
In these 2 pictures from Paris, I feel that black and white processing helps focus on the actual shape, structure and form of the subject.  In the first picture, it is the chairs, the fountain, the partial reflection in a puddle of water and the background.  Those subjects give the viewer plenty to process without introducing any color at all.

In the 2nd photograph, the subject is the statute:  her form, shape and curves.  Color does not add anything.  It would actually serve as another distraction. 

Please enjoy.