Columns of Buren

Columns of Buren at Palais Royale, Paris
Paris has its' share of world-class icons.  We all know what they are.  A photographer's journey to such a well-known location certainly should include them.  But what else?

Fortunately, the famous icons really just scratch the surface of this wonderful city.  The more one looks, the more one finds.

One such find is the Columns of Buren.  Buren was an artist who liked graphic lines.  He sometimes put his art in public places without permission.  The Palais Royale gave him permission for this permanent art project many years ago.  He created black and white columns of different heights which completely fill a square within the Palais Royale.  This public art is there to walk around, climb on, jump off or photograph.  Although just one block from the Louvre, the fun public square is mostly undiscovered.

In the early evening, I visited here with my family.  The kids had lots of fun running around and climbing on the columns.  I did lots of that with them.  As we were leaving, I took this photo.