Buried by Photography

A Senior Portrait
It is natural to assume that a photographer of loves to take pictures. It is natural to assume that a food critic loves to eat. But sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

A family portrait
With the end of the year 2012, there were a lot of opportunities for family photos as well as landscape photography. Winter came early to my part of the Southwest and I had some wonderful photography days in the desert. Several families wanted Christmas photos or senior portraits at the same time.  If you add up family photos and landscape photography you get a lot of work.  this work is self generated. When I'm taking photographs, it is very fun and easy to shoot 300 or 600 photographs in a day. But when I get home, trying to narrow down so many choices to about 10 to 20 "winners" and then processes those is the difficult step.

The other stressful thing about the end of the year is a deadline. People photography is something that people want to share as soon as possible after it is done. In this case, family Christmas photos required quick processing and then publication.
A new addition (happy one, I might add)

For someone who is laid-back and not often on a deadline, this can be very busy. Normally landscape photography is really done on my own terms. I go when I can, I process my photos when I have time and then share them.

It is now January 22 and I am caught up for the moment. This feeling never lasts very long. In the next 2 weeks I will be traveling to the British Virgin Islands where I will probably take in excess of 2000 photographs over a nine-day period. I will then be buried again!  Guess it's just my own fault.