Autumn in Zion

I find it fascinating that hordes of people from all over the world will come to Zion National Park during the first week of November.  This is a special time. Autumn leaves are changing and beginning to fall and it also marks the first week that the shuttle system becomes optional instead of mandatory. Those are 2 good reasons to visit the park during this week. Joking aside, the autumn leaves are the main attraction and put on a wonderful show every year. In 2011 I had the timing perfectly right.

In 2012 commitments prevented me from going the first week of November. Instead I went the 2nd week.The leaves had mostly fallen to the ground but were still highly colorful. I found this tree after wandering around on the west side of the Virgin River. It was quiet, beautiful and peaceful. Seeing the tree standing with all of its usually adornments dropped at its' feet reminded me of the process of undressing, hence the title.